Sunday, November 16, 2014

Get a cup of Joe or a Venti latte… this is going to be a long one and GUSHER alert….I was totally speaking from the heart

Words cannot describe how much I loved this day with these beautiful families - being helped by the most amazing assistant/friend that I so feel lucky to have had at my side.  So many of these families have come to be dear friends over these years - getting to know their children and families as they have grown up…. It almost felt like that family Thanksgiving reunion where you get to see everyone you hadn't seen for a while and catch up and remember how much you enjoyed being around together.  My heart was definitely filled with a total overfill of love and respect and gratitude…. THANK YOU for spending this day letting me capture this moment in time for your families and signing up for this very special holiday photo session day at one of my favorite locations in Miami! How blessed I am by you all!

….. now please enjoy all these beautiful images of these ridiculously gorgeous families! 

This one above is for Dad! … and below, well, it's just cool! (and so are these two gorgeous -from-the-inside-out girls!) How lucky I've been to see these two most gracious beauties grow into stunning young women.  When I think of what Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn must have been like in real life, I think of these girls and their parents.  They just have something that makes them special.

ok really….. they were my comedy break…. not sure what it is about these two guys, but they are like their own comedy routine and I think I laugh and giggle from the moment they walk into the door until at least 10 minutes after they have walked out the door!! Oh Toothless - you steal my heart!

Old soul as he is, he makes me laugh as well and I love his personality and can't wait to see where life takes him…. because I'm pretty sure I'm going to get to say, "I knew him when!"

This is the ridiculously beautiful girl that my print lab (whom I'm sure sees thousands of photos a day) actually commented on when we had something  printed as a large piece for the family… they called ME to say they couldn't believe how stunning she was! She truly is gorgeous…. but then, it runs in the family as you'll see below! I met this family over 5 years ago to start capturing memories of them -- they had only three of these precious beings… they feel like family at this point and I can't describe how much they mean to me - Missing in this photo is their most gorgeous mom --= have to save something for the holiday card!!

H is ready for the Board room….. he's just practicing here looking like some accomplished professional!

can't even begin to say how much I adore this family….. you are looking at three little people that will soon be running the world - led by the littlest one!  When she takes over, we're all gonna have fun!

really….. this is just such a brothers photo…. can't stand how cute it is!!

oh how I love this! and these two beauties!

I'm not sure when these two turned into young MEN!!!  AAAAHHHHHH….. stop! How fast they are growing up!  I remember when the younger brother wouldn't even barely let me catch a photo of him….. this day he wanted his own mini-session all to himself (below you'll see why he probably deserved to have one!) 

I don't even know where to start to say how AMAZING you two look! wow!  Thank you, L, for coming quietly into my life and becoming someone I absolutely cherish to have and consider a dear friend! Your positive spirit and energy make this world a better place for us all….. never change!

see what I mean???!!

Oh my goodness!  this one will be melting hearts all along the way of his life! what a stud muffin! (and so sweet!)

love this boy's photo! you can tell how much he just loves those two!

ok… this was too much fun with the addition to this already perfect family!

no, I did NOT pay these people to come in front of my camera!  They just look like this and I got lucky enough to get to know them!  Their mom is equally beautiful.  Coming from Oregon, I sometimes need a little West coast break and I consider A my mini west coast break whenever I get to see her… she is grounded and gracious and funny and wonderful! 

ahhhhhh….. doesn't that smile just squeeze at your heart!?? What a doll!

I have no words for this….. hello!

So if there is a pure form of goodness, these four are made of it.  Truly one of the nicest families ever and someone you know you can trust with all your heart.  Their beauty is only a mere reflection of how sincere and wonderful they are on the inside.

oh how I love this photo!

Happy Anniversary to these two! Could't be a nicer couple!   I'm so blessed to have gotten to know their family over the years and not sure why, but their little one greets me every time as if I'm her long lost best friend in the whole world and she just melts my heart! 

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