Sunday, November 24, 2013

More Muffins...

these two are absolutely adorable -- B's big sister  set up camp in my heart right after she arrived in this world, but have to say B's no slouch.  He's as sweet as his sister and parents.  This is a family made up of pure goodness.

LOVE this girl!

the most amazing bone structure ever...

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Friends for Life.... Sweet Siblings

These two were absolutely the sweetest -- look at the sparkle in their eyes!   They were adorable together and I was in love with the images of the two of them together!  What fun they are going to have growing up together...

IN LOVE with the image above.... and the one below just makes me giggle!!  Not sure what the conversation was, but my guess is this little guy's big sis probably watches out for him quite well!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Little Star!

Oh this little guy is SO loved!  He is absolutely adorable -- and bright (yes, every mom says that, but this one --- it's really true!!  he has a steady gaze at only two weeks!)  It didn't surprise me he would be gorgeous -- look at his parents! I was lucky enough to get to photograph their wedding a couple of years ago, so was thrilled when they called me for their newborn session!  Congratulations, M & J!!  He's nothing short of spectacularly adorable!

Smash Cake - Check!

Oh my goodness!!  this little guy is as happy and easy going as his parents -- non-stop smiling!!  What a blast this Smash Cake and First Year session was!  I love getting to catch up with them -- and E is just a little charmer!  Wonderful way to remember your first birthday!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

it takes 5 to tame a two year old!:)

This is one of those times that I wish someone was filming us trying to get "that shot"!!  Here we were -- 5 adult women  in the garden, trying to get one of my favorite little guys to even just sit NEAR his baby brother!! he had already figured out the power he had over us and had that sly smile that all two year olds get when they know somehow (and I'm sure they are wondering how they got it -- and how can they KEEP it!!) they have all the control!!!  It was almost one of those moments you want to start giggling because of the scene playing out!! Us running around, making silly faces, bribing with anything and everything we could think of!  But we got it, and that's all that counts!!:)  Silliness and bribery and 5 adult women triumphed and tamed the two year old!!!:)

Oh how I love this shot!!  M - you look like you are 15!!  Congratulations on your second beautiful boy!  Couldn't imagine a second as sweet as your first - but you did it!!:)  xoxo

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

BBall Crew

Love this image that was caught before we even began our session together -- a good sign that it's going to be magic!!:)  I adore this family -- they warm my heart with how genuine and sweet all 4 of them are.  It seems to me they were made for each other. Thanks guys for a great afternoon together! xo

SERIOUSLY!?!?  When did he grow up??

have to mention that this cute little guy is the only one my Sofia has considered the possible "love of her life" - if only she could have two "loves"  - him and C!!:)

Monday, November 4, 2013

total goofballs - SO much fun!

SUCH a cute family!!  It was so much fun getting to photograph them - these girls just played and giggled and had the greatest ideas!  Can't wait to see them again in 4 years !:)  (we better start planning now, D!! Haha!!)

It's love!  

Friday, November 1, 2013

Oh Mama!:)

Oh wow!!  What amazing light, an amazing couple and LOVED the balloons!!  We had so much fun and Dad-to-Be was SO patient and willing to be up for anything we threw at him!! (and believe me, we threw quite a bit at him - balloons, big wooden sign, watermelon!!)  Can't wait for the baby's arrival!

One of my absolute fans!!  Just stunningly beautiful!

Girlie Girl!

She is so cute, that you can't  stop staring at her!!  She looks like she was created by Disney or the American Girl store!  It was so much fun to see how she has changed in this past 6 months - can't wait for our one year session -- I could have spent all day photographing her!