Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Sensational Six

THANK YOU!!!  these guys are so good to be around -- they are one of my "chicken soup for the soul" families and every time I'm with them it's always a blast!  I know I'm going to be giggling my way through the editing - I barely could get through deciding what to put on the blog without stopping to catch my breath between fits of laughter!:)  We dodged rain, cars, people.... and ended up with the coolest session -- I love how their personalities just shine through these images!

LOVE these image of the kids... they all are so sweet and so different, and they really just seemed so comfortable that it was like shooting my own family

i LOVE you guys!!!

you know this is what he's REALLY thinking!!:)

Kudos for the image design - my sweet girl in the turquoise came up with this idea!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Welcome to the MIA!!!

What a sweet family!  Having just moved here from Austin (one of my favorite cities and birth place to my oldest daughter),  they definitely brought that relaxed vibe with them!  Loved seeing what they did with their home and totally impressed with both the fact that they bought a home, Dad basically gutted, reconstructed and decorated most of it with incredible style, and Mom was so totally trusting and easy going that when she got to Miami the house was pretty much done -- and fabulously!!  They make a great family -- and a wonderful addition to Miami!  So glad they are here!

not sure what it is, but love this image!!  Thinking he's going to be a fabulous protector of his little sister as they grow up!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Big Family, Big Fun!!

I loved meeting this family -- they were so sweet! Working on getting their gallery out, it's ridiculous how many incredible images we captured this beautiful afternoon.   It's always so much fun to get everyone together and then watch all the fun that happens with everyone razzing each other... these are some of my favorite sessions -- and that this family is so gorgeous just added to how much fun this was!:)  (and a special thanks to M - I've loved getting to know you and have totally fallen in love with you and your girls!!)

seriously?!?  how gorgeous is this family?!!  The girls above with their dad and these four!

after this many years together - I can't tell you how in awe I was to turn around when no one was looking and find these two holding hands and whispering together -- it was a moment I wish I could have bottled and took with me for whenever I was wanting a feel good moment!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

love, sweet love!

Loved getting to spend time with these two -- they are so relaxed with each other and just in general - just genuinely a sweet couple...  It's always nice to find myself at the end of the session wishing I could spend more time chatting!  So excited for their wedding coming up soon!

This is definitely one of my favs!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This is another little sweetheart that I can remember from years ago being so small, big cheeks and an even bigger personality!!  She is the one that is going to know everyone and be friends with everyone no matter where she goes!  She just exudes personality and charm..... and maybe a little bit of that sense that you will be having fun (no matter what)  if you stick next to her!  She's a doll! Thank you to this family for being willing to change gears at the last minute - I can't imagine more beautiful images!

positive that she has totally stolen his heart.... she is definitely a Daddy's girl!! It was really sweet to watch the two of them

All Aboard!

there aren't enough words to say how much I adore this family!  They are one of the most genuine families I have met - always so appreciative of what they have, as gracious as can be, and truly with an amazing balance of incredible focus on work and fun .... I can't believe little L is growing into a young lady!  When I met her, she had the cute round cheeks and adorable red glasses and a grin that melted your heart!  It was wonderful to see you all!

LOVE this image!!  (and still wishing I had legs like hers !!!)

one of my favorites.... love catching these moments!

the light, the family..... made for a perfect afternoon!

So excited to get to be a part of capturing this most special time for these two... they are absolutely the most charming kids -- so polite, sweet spoken, fun!  They are so easy to be around... and love how organized and wonderful their Mom is! (.... apple doesn't fall far from the tree.....)

love this!! totally shows their personalities!

Friday, October 11, 2013

When did she grow up??!

So in love with this family and these girls -- and I can't believe that they are turning into young ladies before my very eyes!!  How is it possible that I met S when she wasn't nearly as tall as me and now she is almost ready to tower over me with her big sister!!:)  ..... really jealous of those long legs they both have!

SO much fun!! Love that they cut loose and had fun -- but thinking they may always be a bit like that!!