Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Oh Mama!

So worth the early rise to catch this light - it was magic!!  And I truly enjoyed the time I got to spend with these two - they were so laid back and easy to be around and talk with - it really couldn't have been a more perfect morning!

really???  this is going down as one of my personal favorites of all time!  LOVE this image! .... and can you believe someone can look skinny AND pregnant at the same time??

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Reading is Wonderful!

Love to see little ones "reading" - it's such a wonderful life skill!! Love how cute he is with his big book  and so fascinated by it.  He's just a doll and mom has hair to envy - it always looks picture perfect.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Breathtaking.... the View and the Boy!

I would trade them photography for sitting here on their balcony in the afternoons!  Felt like the world had melted away and you could just sit and breath and stop time!!  (and really doesn't hurt that this must be one of the nicest moms and kids I've had the pleasure of meeting)  SO BEAUTIFUL!!  ..... both of them -- the view and the boy!

Unexpected Spot

Met this adorable family in a popular spot in Miami that I had never used much - and wow!  It was so beautiful and peaceful and very unexpected.  Just perfect for this sweet family~

Saturday, September 14, 2013


This little angel is just dreamy.... and her big sister has definitely won me over completely!  What gorgeous girls - they make such a beautiful family.  Congratulations, S Family!  So excited to spend this year capturing all the changes and special milestones of this next year.

Aren't they adorable??  JUST GORGEOUS!!

Miami Style

I am so excited to get to spend this next year following along as these two bring their new little one into the world!  I have had so much fun getting to know M's brother and family and their two little guys.  I can only imagine how much fun Grandma is going to have with her first girl grand baby!!  And those two boys are going to be so much fun to grow up with as pals. 

Medal Deserving Mom and the Birthday Girl

The cutest little girl ever....  She had that sweet grin that made you feel like you were in on some big mischievous plan!!  And Mom definitely deserves medal for these heels -- she was walking through the grass, uneven surfaces and she even  did the "baby toss" without losing her balance.  She's my hero!  I can't even wear heels on a flat surface and walk with grace!

love this one!!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


So excited to be on round 2 of Bellies to Babies with this wonderful family!!  G is going to make the most amazing big brother.... I'm so smitten with little G and his laugh and mischievous grin!!

Oh, M!!  You are so beautiful!!  I love this image of you!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

All Things Beautiful...

Sometimes I can't believe how beautiful my clients are!!  Another perfect example -- this family is stunning!!  And I love when the beauty really radiates from within, as with this couple.  They are so nice - and congratulations to them for welcoming in a most gorgeous son!

Oh yeah..... an Adidas family for sure!!  LOVE how the rug in this little guy's room lent itself to look like the turf in a stadium!!:)

and yes.... she DID just give birth less than two weeks ago!!  

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Slam Dunk!

What a great shoot this was!  Loved how laid-back and fun this family was!  They were so easy and just the best smiles -- in fact, I couldn't get Z to STOP smiling for one serious photo!!  He was absolutely the best!  So excited for his Bar Mitzvah

It really is ALL about the shoes in this session!!   LOVE how cool this turned out!

OH WOW!!  window into how he'll look after graduate school!!