Monday, October 29, 2012

So Big!

Love this shot of them -- and the yellow shoes rock, A!!  What a cute family!  I got to photograph their little one a couple of months ago and couldn't believe how big she had gotten in such a short time!  They kept playing a game of "so big" with her -- but it really was true!!  She has gotten "so big"!!

Ok - so ridiculously beautiful eyes -- and totally in LOVE with his hair!! (don't cut it, A!! hold out!! those curls are to die for!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

And the Emmy goes to..........

Yes - that's real!!!  It is NOT a prop!!  I knew that S was talented - but I have to admit I was so impressed to find out not only is she gorgeous, and funny, and sweet, and talented (she is an acting coach) - but she won an Emmy for comedy writing!!  (my jaw did drop when she pulled it out of the official box!!)  This was the most amazing shoot - and I loved getting to truly play and create and laugh and just feel like a girly girl with all the wardrobe and style changes.  Thanks, S - this was a total recharge for Courtney and I!!  We think you are amazing!

ahhh..... I love this...... wow! she's gorgeous and I love this soft side of her!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Definitely troopers!  We had to postpone earlier in the month because of pending rain.  This afternoon together it had been blue skies and beautiful, even though the weatherman was saying it was going to be rain.  As I gathered my gear to go and meet this super sweet family I looked up to see the sky had opened up and it was pouring!!  How could it be? !!??  We went ahead and thought surely we would be able to drive far enough to escape it........ WRONG!:)  pulling into the drive where we were meeting it was pouring!  It stopped for long enough that we got out and were able to get these beautiful images.  Thanks, V family, for being so wonderful and making the best of a very soaked shoot!!

Nothing better than an afternoon BBQ

It's wonderful to get to see how much the kids I get to meet change ... even in as little of time as 6 months. Happy first birthday to this little muffin with the mesmerizing blue eyes!  She's absolutely as sweet as can be.  It was such a nice afternoon in this beautiful setting.... and love that the dad wanted to pull out his grill and get images of them doing something they love!  What a great idea~~! I love it when a client has an idea and we can incorporate it into the session to create images and memories that reflect their lives and loves. (hats off to them.... they are using a charcoal grill and it smelled incredible!!!)

Oh yeah!!  it's BBQ time!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lucky Jean Indeed!

I love how L & C photograph together - they just seem so comfortable and easy-going.  We had an amazing engagement session in New Smyrna and I can't wait for their wedding in December.

I'm not sure what it is about this image, but just love it! 

It's true, I'm a total hopeless romantic - anything that even comes close just pulls at my heartstrings.... so of course this is on the top of the list of loving this story.... This is the name of C's boat - it was the name of his grandfather's boat.  Jean is his grandmother and the engagement ring....... his grandmother's.  How sweet to have such a history behind them.........this is one of my favorites from our session. Congrats, C & L - may you have many happy years together!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

growing up too fast!...

Oh those eyes! golden hair!  She is so gorgeous... and it runs in the family!  I met this wonderful family when I got to photograph them last year - they are truly such a kind hearted, nice family.  It was so strange to see how big K has gotten!!  (insert sniff!) WOW!!

watching the waves roll in...

I loved every one of the images we got -- and we got such a huge variety.  It was torture figuring out what to put on the blog and what to leave behind to go into the gallery.... isn't she stunning??  I'm so excited to get to meet these two -- I've been photographing their nephew and he's beyond easy on the eyes and the camera.  These two little guys will have so much fun together growing up. Congratulations!!

this wave was pretty mild...... but the next one - well, that one nearly took the entire rock!!:)