Monday, May 21, 2012

Celebrating like a true Red Sox fan!

Happy Happy birthday to the cutest Red Sox fan ever!! I loved getting to capture these sweet moments of this little guy's first birthday and am so excited for our family session! (really -- this handsome little guy is the biggest flirt and he just makes me giggle being around him -- he's a doll!)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Love Story

anyone who knows me knows I'm a hopeless romantic - it's why we treat the wedding side of our business as a boutique wedding business, booking only one wedding a month (two on a special exception) ... I love getting to be a part of capturing the love story and getting to really tailor what we do to fit our bride and groom. So now let me introduce you to the most lovely couple with a wedding proposal story that seems straight out of a movie. they met in college and when G's husband decided to propose,he staged a luncheon at a place she loved. He arranged for an outside table (in fact , she even commented that after 4 years of coming to this restaurant, she couldn't believe their luck in getting the best table in the house!) -- with a photographer in the bushes nearby to capture every special moment -- you can only imagine her surprise when a bus pulled up on the street out front honking, only to release a banner that covered the side of the bus, revealing his marriage proposal with their photo!!! SO ROMANTIC!!!! This just squeezes the heartstrings!! The best part -- these two are obviously still so in love..... and it is just beyond wonderful! I'm thinking this little one has struck it rich in the parent department... you could just feel how in love they are together and how in love they are with this beautiful little one. Thank you, G, for asking me to capture this year! These are the times I am reminded how lucky I am that this is what I get to do for "work".
meet the parents ... so beautiful - don't they look like they haven't even graduated college??? (they have!!, but they both look SO young!!)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Field of Dreams

have to say it.... those eyes!! I could have photographed this little one all day.... and I actually think she would have let me!! I'm not sure there is a bad image in the entire session!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


totally speechless.... not only is this sweet girl an absolute doll, but beyond gorgeous! (anybody remember Brooke Shields when she was young?? she was even more stunning then if possible)

so clearly beauty runs in the family...

wow! it's been a while since I've blogged -- but this is the best reason to get back to it!! WHAT A BEAUTY!!! her eyes are amazing - her smile is incredible -- and THOSE ROLLS!! Just scrumptious!! (also so sweet to see how in love her parents are with her!)