Friday, February 24, 2012

Muffin Men!

these two are absolute muffins! I'm so excited to be following along as this family has expanded - two handsome boys and full of personality. So sweet how when the big brother arrived all the giggles and smiles showed up on the face of this little guy!

I would have driven to the ends of the earth to receive the smiles and hugs I got from N when he arrived home from school for the end of our session...

Monday, February 20, 2012

beautiful way to start the day

it's fair to say some kids just touch my heart in a way that still surprises me - this gaggle of girls falls into that category. This beauty is the third in a line of girls -- and she has the same bubbliness and sweetness of her older sisters. They always make me want to giggle and take off my shoes and stay awhile to just play. (and did I mention gorgeous??)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

lazy day Sunday, life is good!

what a blast! this was just a fun, thrown together session on a lazy afternoon - gorgeous girl, beautiful light, totally fun! thanks, S, for just going along with it! She looks like she's right out of a magazine!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Beach Bums for a morning

What an adorable family - they really couldn't be any cuter! And the morning couldn't have been prettier -- we had the weather on our side just before the rains set in! We had been trying to get this scheduled for the longest time, and think it was totally worth the wait. We played and ran and danced, and my guess is the kids had the longest nap on the way home!

I love this shot...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Isn't she lovely? She has the most beautiful pink skin -- a true girl! and it was absolutely charming to see how smitten dad is with her! what is it about a little girl and her daddy - just wonderful! (and this little girl has a room to envy!)

Congratulations, J! She's beautiful!!

Love this one!! He was never more than a foot away and if I could have guessed, I think the four footed family member is smitten as well!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So here he is 9 months ago - he was just a little peanut -- sweet, calm, beautiful! I was expecting to see him more grown after this many months, expecting him to be stunningly beautiful (check out the parents and you'll see why I had my expectations high) -- but when they opened the front door and he looked up at me, it nearly took my breath away!! Check out one of the last images -- his eyes are as blue and clear as I have ever seen!:) And so sweet and calm and absolutely the most giggly, happy little guy! Every time I'm around this family, I just want to linger for a little longer. This time, it was an even bigger treat personally, one set of the grandparents were there and they both are just as wonderful as J and M. (and truly -- I'm the second shooter for this family -- M's Dad is an accomplished, award winning photographer.)

the bluest eyes I've ever seen...

Happy Birthday, Lovely!

I can't believe this sweet girl has turned one! Where did this year go? She came into this world a little earlier than expected and fit right into this unbelievably beautiful family. I've loved getting to follow along this year and am grateful for the friendship I have with these guys -- they couldn't have more gorgeous children!

Mom really should have been a stylist -- and we had a blast playing dress up (I didn't even include the fairytale-like-formal-dinner-party dress!!)

Thank you to Shelley for this amazing cake creation -- and it is as gorgeous as this little one is! AND it tastes as good as it looks!! It was ordered to match the birthday dress. (Shelley's Sweets - email:

this image alone was worth the trip! LOVE this