Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sweet Soul Sisters

get ready to be blown away! these two girls were such a joy - beauty inside and out! And can I please take their mom with me for styling?!? Had a great time meeting these girls --- and the best thing besides having fun with my camera and the girls were the sweet hugs each of the girls gave me! Thanks for such a fun morning! Can't wait to see where this casting season takes these two.

love this... one of my absolute favorites of the day. nothing better than that sister love!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Little Peanut

this is absolutely one of my favorite families - the parents are amazing, the kids are so happy and beyond beautiful - I love their grandmothers!! really, I could go on about the attributes of this incredible family. This is baby number 4 - and boy! did she make a grand entrance. She was born 2 months early and really surprised everyone. She is the cutest little peanut ever - and so lucky to have joined in the fun of this family! Truly lucky to be getting to capture the special moments of their lives. Thanks R Family!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shining Star

This young guy was a blast to work with and so easy to capture the different looks! Pretty sure this is part of the amazing guidance from TR and Elena at Bluedog Acting School. I can't wait to see what happens this year with his acting and castings. Loved getting to meet him and his parents -- good luck with what is sure to be a successful year!

Friday, September 9, 2011

love getting to photograph those special moments in life - there are few things that are as much of a milestone as a Bar Mitzvah... These girls are as nice as can be and love how easy going they are!! Congratulations to the S family - so excited to be a part of capturing this time!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

that moment

there is a moment at the end of the day when the light is just magical - and everything you shoot in that 10 minute window before the sun dips and goes away is beautiful. We were gifted that and perfect weather last night!! Love the images we were able to capture. Congratulations to these two - I'm so excited and honored to get to follow along this next year capturing moments in this first year.

aren't they beautiful together??

I was desperate to capture N's beautiful cheekbones and how elegant she is - what I really loved about being with her is how gracious she is. She's one of those people that after being with her for just a few moments you feel a calm and quiet that is so rare and wonderful

just by chance N's sister was visiting and she's pregnant and due with her first son a few month after. we grabbed this shot and I love it!! these two boys are going to grow up having a lot of fun together!! this is just the beginning:)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

blog bitz !!

The rain last week really wreaked havoc on our schedule -- so it turned into a really busy weekend with so many beautiful people!! I'll be doing a blog blitz this next two days to get sneak peeks out for everyone that I had the pleasure of getting to spend time with.

What a great start - the eyes just make you want to stop and stay awhile!! and yes - that is her pure cream skin -- what we all wouldn't give to have skin so flawless!!:) but then you see her mom and grandma and know that it's obviously been handed through the family tree. Loved getting to meet everyone! more sweet images!

love capturing the moments between grandparents and their grandbabies -- pure love and joy!

C & L

being around a couple in love is always such a great way to start the day! these two aren't only stunningly tall and good-looking, they are as nice as can be. they are so easy to be around -- it feels as if they are two old souls that have been together forever and have already gotten to that comfort level that you get the feeling that there aren't many ripples in the water with these two.

So excited for their wedding!

as we were leaving the light was streaming through the trees so beautifully here and I just had to stop and pull out my camera for one last shot -- so glad I did! these two are among my very favorites that we got

Friday, September 2, 2011

welcome to the world!

I love getting to know the families that ask me to be a part of documenting little pieces of their lives. It's even more fun to get to join them on the journey the second time around!! I met the B Family when they contacted me to do a Bellies to Babies package for the arrival of their first little one together. These guys are always fun and wonderful - they are so sweet and easy going. This new little guy is as adorable and sweet as the entire family (even not wanting to sleep - he was totally a doll !!!)

Congratulations and thanks for letting me capture such special moments of time in your lives!! xoxo

really?!? this is like a tease!!! he was tired... but he just didn't want to stop gazing at me - think he was afraid he might miss something fun!