Thursday, May 26, 2011

sweet magic of motherhood

something so sweet about growing a life....

love this image.....these two seem so calm and unaffected by the prospect of parenthood and a new little one

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

sweet mama!

sweet mama!! really had a great time with this adorable couple - this baby really lucked out getting these two as parents! excited to spend this year capturing all the changes this first year.

more sweet vintage

Not sure how I got so lucky to have two sessions in a row with a vintage twist! When this family showed up I was thrilled - they looked absolutely stunning together and I really had a blast with them. Thanks, P Family - what a great idea for a Mother's Day gift!

love love love these shoes!!

love ending on these images - sort of a post celebration of Mother's Day - what a sweet family!

days gone by.....vintage style

I absolutely loved this session - in one of my favorite places with two of the cutest boys ever dressed completely vintage!! couldn't have been a better start to the Mother's Day weekend!

funny story with these two - we were sneaking behind a rope that was, maybe, a little off limits. As I whispered that we were going to sneak behind the rope real quickly, the little guy got the glint in his eye that said he was all in! Along comes his big brother - maybe we should call him the responsible one!! - and he gave me a stern look and said we probably shouldn't be going beyond the rope! He was so nervous - and was so glad when I said ' ok - we're out" - he was practically ready to turn us in for breaking the rule!!

What a great morning! thanks, guys, for a fun time and amazingly delicious cupcakes!

not messin with these two... they meant business! you should have seen the serious posing the two of them gave me!!

Monday, May 9, 2011


I love this family - everytime we get together, we are able to create images that become some of my favorites. When they called to set up the 6 month session in their Bellies to Babies plan, I was almost dreading it a little. Not because I didn't want to see them - I was a little nervous - I mean, how much cuter could this baby get since the last session and wow! did he! loved these images and he is just getting cuter by the month!! (and yes....the parents are ridiculously good looking!!)

seriously - look at the expression on his face?!? it's priceless!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dream baby - a little bit modern, a little bit vintage

I knew I was going to love this couple when I read through their questionnaire and saw they like to collect and decorate with vintage pieces - then it was totally confirmed when I walked in and they had this awesome mix of new and old. LOVE the green chair that should (errr... could) go in my studio (c'mon, seriously, it was MY color - it matches my tags, my logo...!!) This little girl was a DREAM baby!! She fell asleep as I walked in the door - never woke up as we moved her around, traded out hats and headbands - nestled her into a basket. She was so much fun - and really amazingly beautiful!!

Congratulations, welcome to the world beautiful girl!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

if i could blog every single image from this session i would!! one of my favorite locations with 4 amazingly sweet and beautiful girls - definitely an afternoon well spent!!

love love the simplicity of this

more beauty

these two were so sweet - just makes me giggle their expresssions - truly they were doing the oooohhh....ick, hold my sister's hands comments and then they both got to giggling and I love the result!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I do again!

This family was such a blast!! I loved getting to photograph them - they all got along so well and you could tell had a great time razzing and poking fun at each other. I'm honored to be photographing the renewal of their vows in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to capturing such a special ceremony for such a nice family!