Thursday, April 28, 2011

sweet little one

So excited to have this family sign up as a Bellies to Babies client - what a sweet family they are! Normally, we do our newborn session within the first 10 days, but M found out about me later, and so we scheduled the session just as her little guy was hitting 2 months. To be truthful, I was dreading it - usually their eyes cross at this stage, they don't sleep and don't often look like more than big mush puppies (love that as a parent - but a little limiting as a photographer!!) BUT - this guy was a dream!! He gave us cute smiles, wide eyes and then fell promptly asleep to the point that we could move him around, pick him up, change the blankets:)!! We got the cutest images!! Welcome S Family!! Really looking forward to capturing the changes in your little guy and your family this year!! sleep like this! totally oblivious to the world


I'm really excited to shoot C and D's wedding in May! We had planned their engagement session for over a month ago, but then C took an unexpected fall and ended up with a leg brace for the past 6 weeks!! She finally got it off - and although we weren't running and jumping, she looked great and we were able to get the engagement session in. Congrats, guys! Looking forward to May - the countdown begins!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

...more love (it's the season!)

I was thrilled when D called me to schedule this engagement session - I've gotten to meet her and J before at events and knew what a cute couple they make! I've been lucky to photograph for J's sister for a couple of years now and they are one of my absolute favorite families (really - I'm not sure I've met a family that shows such a warmth for friends and family, lives life with such a positive energy and makes me smile so much my cheeks hurt:!!) Loved getting to photograph these two - what a blast!

~ Many congratulations and warm wishes, D and J!

love this image - they are gorgeous together!

William & Kate have nothing on these two!

I love getting to photograph weddings! Truly, there isn't a thing about them that I don't love - the flowers, the little moments that happen that we capture, the dress, the excitement and anticipation. I know it may be totally corny to admit... I often find myself with a knot in my throat as the bride comes down the aisle to meet the groom or the dance with the bride and her father:) I just love it all!! It truly is an honor to be able to capture the story of the day.

J and J - they take the cake!! They are both the sweetest people and together, in love, will make an amazing couple. I found myself wishing for them a happiness and peace and life of love together like I can't explain. Getting to know the two of them over this past year has been an absolute joy - thanks, J and J!

this is one of my favs .... it hits the mark for the hopeless romantic I am

baby love

I was so excited to photograph this baby - the maternity session was one of my absolute favorites of all time (they are part of the Bellies to Babies Baby Plan) But, wow! it took us a little to figure out this little guy really only loves to be on his tummy!! Once we got it, it went like a dream..... and it doesn't hurt that his parents are gorgeous... loved the images we got from this session.

keep throwing out ideas, Dad, we always get such fun images when you do!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

love love love

we have been slammed with work and sneak peeks have been going straight by email to save time, but we've been so lucky to have had some amazing engagement sessions, an incredible wedding and one of my favorite set of new parents! I'll try to catch up on blogging some of the beautiful images from each ... starting with this couple that I'm so excited to get to photograph their wedding in June. We had a crazy detour getting to photograph their engagement session - the deluge rainstorm we had on Sunday evening surprised and diverted us to this Miami Beach hotel - but all turned out wellt! This elegant location actually fit them perfectly!

Congratulations!! So excited for the June wedding!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

really?? this gorgeous?? yes - and then some! I really feel like pinching myself because this and my last engagement couple have been absolutely the sweetest people, and steamy together!! It has been an absolute blast - and I can't wait for their weddings!

have to explain! Miss M was randomly driving in this back alley (yes - i wanted to ask the same - how in the world were you driving slow enough to even notice this heart shaped pothole!!) we decided we would start there and head out. Isn't this crazy? It really is a heart! Here's to you, Miss M and J - it is an honor to get to photograph this special time!

who has curves like this?!? they look stunning together!

Monday, April 4, 2011

sweet wonderful luck!

what an amazing morning - there was a cool breeze, no one in the park, sweet little patch of wildflowers and the most adorable baby with beautiful parents!! really - this was such a sweet session that it really didn't matter that the balloons floated away (TWICE!!) Truly - he is as happy as he looks and his parents were incredible (dad was moving and organizing before I even opened my mouth!!)

Thanks T and family for a wonderful morning!

this is one of my absolute favorites!! how lucky we were to find this little patch of wildflowers!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Big Faker

I know the parents were worried that this blog post would be titled Mr Serious - but really, I'm calling it the Big Faker - because that's what this little guy is!! When the family and I met up yesterday afternoon, this little guy had been snoozing and woke up as serious as could be. We tried everything to lighten him up without success!! We got adorable and fun images - but not a smile or giggle in sight!! Of course, on my way home I get a text from mom with the little guy laughing and giggling in the back seat (of course talking about how much fun he had at the park:!!! lol)

(actually, we got a few little smiles - he's as cute as can be!)

love the grip he has on dad!!