Sunday, March 27, 2011

saved by facebook!!

last week I took a much needed mini-vacation to the Bahamas with the kids and posted to FB that I was flying out. within a couple of hours I got a frantic message from this beautiful couple that I am honored to be photographing for their July wedding. when we confirmed the date for our session we confirmed for Thursday, the 24th. Poor Z had skimmed over the confirmation of date (she's in dental school in NY and I'm sure getting about 4 hours of sleep a night and up to her teeth in studying - sorry, had to use the pun:!!! -) the only week she would be home before their wedding was the week of spring break THE 17th of March!!!!
we frantically exchanged emails and squeezed in this amazing engagement session 5 hours after I flew in from the Bahamas Sunday morning. Wish I would have had the entire afternoon to play - Z put together amazing outfits, they were stunningly beautiful together and this session just rocked!! Thanks Z and G!! I can't wait until your wedding!!

isn't she gorgeous?!? they make such a stunning couple!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rico Suave!! oh what a charmer this guy is!

Don't let these first few photos fool you - if you were to judge by these first sweet images, all you would see is the most polite young man. But once he came out of his shy shell, he had me giggling the whole time! He really was so funny and just as cute as could be. But he was always laughing like he he had his own private joke going - and did he have the moves and poses:!

see what I mean?! what a charming young man this fellow is! Really - the twinkle in his eye and he had just the sweetest laugh - like he was letting you in on his personal joke he had with himself!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

family of 5 - oh, well actually, 15!!

loved getting to meet with this family - I get to photograph a lot of big families and love the energy that goes along with these kinds of sessions! Doesn't hurt that the kids are gorgeous and love making each other giggle!

thanks for asking me to photograph!

girl power!! loved these shots in the middle of the street!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

just dreamy...

there is no other way to describe this session.... just dreamy:)! The light was so beautiful, the couple was beautiful, they were seriously giddy with the joy that this new little life is bringing them. They are already so in love with their baby - and I kept thinking and saying that I think this little guy is so lucky to be born into this family. So excited to get to spend the year documenting the arrival and growth of this little guy. Seriously had the most fun!!

just love this!!

and it's true... she is due to give birth in THREE WEEKS!!!! she looks so amazing - just incredible:)!! (and I hope I'm not giving away a huge secret - she was snacking most of the time we were together:}!!!)

Bluedog Boys

I knew the session was going to go smoothly when this family of 3 handsome boys showed up and all three shook my hand and called me Miss!! They definitely get the award for 3 of the most polite boys I've photographed. Mr. Handsome in the middle is another Bluedog School of Acting student... and he's funny and sweet and so engaging! The oldest son isn't actually into this whole acting/modeling thing, but somehow got roped into jumping into the pictures (and although football is his love, wouldn't you guess he could be in the acting world as well??) the little one....well....he's just a muffin!! he was making me giggle the whole session!

thanks, guys, for a great morning with you all! I know you have a choice of many amazing photographers and I truly appreciate you asking me to photograph these three handsome young men!

MUFFINS!!! just the cutest boys!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sister Act

oh wow!! what more is there to say?? these girls are absolutely stunning and as sweet as they are beautiful! They were so easy to work with and so kind to each other. They are another stunning couple of kids from Bluedog School of Acting (check out their website - if your kids are in the acting or modeling world, this is the place to take them for classes, direction, guidance - TR and Elena are amazing and their knowledge is truly incredible!! )

good luck, girls!! I can't wait to hear about all the great things you will do!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

newest addition to an already sweet family

What a pleasure it was to meet this incredible family!! They are in from the Bahamas to have this sweet addition and so it was my honor to get to capture their sweet family. Really loved getting to meet them!! Making it even more special, both sets of grandparents were visiting - so it really was a special session!

Congrats on the new little guy!! He's as gorgeous as your first!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photographer's Heaven!

four extremely cute girls, hair done, amazing dresses, beautiful location....died and went to photographer's heaven!! what a fun afternoon it was with these very sweet girls and their moms. Their first communion is just around the corner. I'm sure the day will be as beautiful as these girls!