Friday, October 29, 2010

happy happy birthday!!

What a great birthday celebration - this family came all the way from Canada to celebrate Grandma's birthday. As a special way to capture the time, they booked a photo session. They withstood our Florida sauna weather and we had a great session!

safe travels and hope the birthday was wonderful! loved getting to meet everyone!

short and sweet

catching up on getting some sneak peek images out from the wonderful families I've gotten to be with in this past 5 days...the holiday season is definitely upon us!

this family is absolutely gorgeous - inside and out! can't wait to meet #4 of this sweet family...

this really is what makes life wonderful...

Monday, October 25, 2010


truly she IS this beautiful!! i wish i could spend every morning starting off the day like this! you were incredible, K!

motherhood never looked so beautiful

truly i sat shell-shocked at how amazing she looked, near the end of her pregnancy, mother of 3 already...I feel like it looks like I borrowed her from Hollywood! i can't even begin to say how much fun I had and how grateful I am to K for being so brave to be on the beach stripping down to get these amazing images! She always lets me be as creative as I want and we always get these incredible images.

and just have to share this, because this will keep me floating for a while! As you know, I pour my heart out on my blog - pretty much say it as it comes from my heart... so love that I got this message today!! thanks, K!

"It is always so refreshing (and flattering) to see what you say on your blog about your clients. Since it is Monday and I am trying to distract myself from the fact this is my last day as a 35 year old, I thought I would take a minute and write a blurb from the other side if the lens…

“Thanks S for yet another incredible session on Saturday. I certainly am glad you are the resilient road warrior that you are given the nature of my requests for locations ranging from either end of the county line with very few being within a 10 mile radius of your house. Fortunately, you arrived on Saturday morning without being washed away in the rain or blown away by the wind. About that wind….hopefully the older woman who was blown down somewhere in the middle of Collins Avenue did not later get tangled in The Kite Man’s displays or fall over the bridge on route to do some retail therapy at Bal Harbour. With Halloween just a week away, how appropriate my spider veins were so prominent and my clothing so skimpy (and malfunctioning - a la Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl gaff) Thank you for concealing your horror and being such a good sport traipsing through quicksand and climbing up lifeguard towers. I cannot wait to see the images!”"

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Someone's a big brother!

wow! did we have to move fast! but these two images make it totally worth that we got the brothers together. Congrats, A, on becoming a big brother! A's going to do a great job at taking care of this gorgeous little guy!

forgive the long blog post...we're looking for an image to use for the birth announcements - can't wait to get started on the design!

more eye candy!!

love that we got images with Grandma! she was a great help!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sweet Family

love, love these images!! this sweet girl is my 5 year old's BFF! They have been in the same class for the past 3 years and I hear this little one's name as often as anybody in a day. They have this very sweet connection that seems so unusual at this age, so it was a real treat to get to photograph her and her family yesterday! Thanks for braving the mosquitoes!

laughs and giggles

LOVE it when the kids getting to belly laughing - these two were just smiles and giggles and fun the entire time!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

it's a wrap!

I love this family! I've known them for quite a long time - since their oldest was just a baby. It has been fun to see them grow into this family of 5 over the past 5 years! The boys have always been full of life and ready for fun, but this time when I arrived, I felt as if I had just joined old friends to hang out - the boys were so relaxed and greeted me as if I had just shown up to their treehouse clubhouse for our regular weekly get-together! What a blast!

Sometimes it can be a challenge to get an amazing family photo of 3 boys under 5 and everyone wanting to head in a different direction, so I was thrilled when we got this image!!! I almost wanted to say, it's a wrap! we've got it! this is the one!... but then I would have missed out on all the fun we continued to have!

another sleepy beauty (see post below for sleeping beauty )

nothing better than daddy's shoulder! think we tuckered him out!

Sleeping Beauty!

This sessions had me in giggles the entire time! Not only are the parents so nice, but the boys have gotten so big and full of personality. When they arrived, one of the boys had fallen asleep...but that didn't stop us from taking advantage and using him as a prop!!!

here it is, J! Better than we could have dreamed up! I think this is a glimpse into your future...these boys will be swapping secrets and hatching ideas together for a their lifetime! Love how they seem so connected to each other. Every set of multiples I photograph (and I really have a lot!), I always get the feeling that they have this secret connection. SO sweet!

Monday, October 11, 2010

football dreams... all boy session!

when this mom scheduled her session and we started to talk about what she wanted to do to capture what her family was like, I was really excited! I actually would daydream about it...this turned out even better than the daydream!!

What little boy doesn't, at least briefly, think of being a football player?? This seems to me the epitome of a great childhood....playing football with your dad in the backyard! LOVE this series...absolutely had a blast getting to know this family!

another favorite...trains, was just a great afternoon!

lassoo lessons.....or is it love lessons??

whenever I get to go out with this family for a session, I start dreaming! What can we do that truly expresses how wonderful and unique this family is?? They are always up for anything and every time I go out with them, I come back feeling like I've had my heart replenished.

I know I've said this before...I love sessions where the grandparents get to jump in. Something so special always seems to happen! love that they brought along the lassoo (spelling???) - these are the lessons learned from a grandparent that seem to last a lifetime....

here was the real fun of the session!!! LOVE these! Don't think there's any team rivalry going on in this family....

nice idea, guys - but not a chance!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

mr. serious

I love getting to know families during the Bellies to Babies year package (maternity, newborn, 6 months, and one year sessions with a book at the end all packaged together to make it easy to capture every step of that first year of life!). I started at the wedding of these two and am now privileged to be capturing the journey of their first baby. I love getting to create their sessions because they are up for anything - the funkier and more creative the better!! LOVE this six month/sitting session - I wish I could post them all!

They said he was pretty serious and he did want to check out EVERYTHING with a very serious look of intent! But when he did choose to share his smile and giggle....well, that was it!! I'm in love again!! (I could spend an afternoon hanging out with this little dude!!)