Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

Miami weather is always a guessing game! But Thursday - well, we won the weather game in the end!! We had scheduled to meet Thursday afternoon for A & O's engagement session - really cool locations, A scheduled hair and make-up. It was a session I was REALLY thinking was going to be ultra cool! But getting up Thursday, I realized Miami weather was going to throw a real wrench into the whole plan. We waffled, it poured, it stayed gray, then about an hour before our session the skies opened up and POURED!! We canceled - everyone super disappointed. AND THEN - really? - the skies turned beautiful blue and the streets dried up!!! I got a call from O 30 minutes after our original session was to start asking was there any way we could have the session - so we all jumped up into high gear and put together a new plan. AND MAGIC!!!! it wasn't where we thought or how I had planned - but WOW!!! we could have met in an alley I think!! These two radiate love and elegance and WOW!!! Can't wait for their January wedding!

the funny skies for two hours while we had this amazing session - as I pulled into my driveway - RAIN!!!

When you first meet A & O - it is so obvious O is IN LOVE!! He is smitten for sure!! Come on! She's gorgeous and super sweet! They are really a great match:) But near the end of our session, as we are chatting, I get a little glimpse of just how amazing O is. O is finishing his residency as a surgical oncologist - and all I have to say is, if any of us find ourselves in that awful situation of needing a surgical oncologist, I pray we have someone like O on our side. He has that rare heart and soul that we hope all our doctors have.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The beauty of growing life... and sacrifice

To begin, I have to say we have so much to be grateful for! things that we take for granted and forget to actually realize how lucky we are to have! J is pregnant with twins and she has such a positive and up-beat personality. See, J's husband is a navy pilot and stationed overseas - and while she is here growing not one, but TWO, little lives - he is giving his time and services for our country. She's feeling lucky that he'll get to come home and meet the babies within the first two months of their lives!! (I think I might have to stop complaining when my husband calls to say he's staying at the office late and won't be back until 10 pm!!) Puts it in perspective... and should remind us all that there are men and women that are giving up so much to serve our country. Thank you, J and P!! (I love that these images were taken as a surprise so that P could see how beautiful his wife and babies look!)

(and yes, J's mom asked me if it was hard to edit down and choose - so many sweet and wonderful images from this morning session!!)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Every time I photograph this family, I pinch myself! They are absolutely the sweetest, most kind family. I think you can tell from the images that they really just radiate good and kindness and love. They've brought a new little one into the world (lucky baby, lucky world!) and he is as gorgeous as the rest!

Where is Waldo??

This session sort of ran a little like a Where is Waldo? game.....we started off at the park where the mosquitoes had somehow grown overnight into 5 pound dive bombers - actually sent us running!!! We then went to my home studio, where we had the white background set up and ready, but for the cake part of this session to celebrate the Big One!!! (still can't believe E has turned 1 already!!) Poor E ran out of steam and so we called it a wrap and scheduled in a mini-session at his house!! Thank goodness this is the most laid back set of parents and willing to go with the flow!! This was a bit of a fluke - but I always run my sessions by the youngest member of the party. E was great!! and BEAUTIFUL!!! he's just going to be one of those boys all the girls fall in love with (eyes, lips, that smile that says he's having fun with or without you!!) Happy Happy Birthday, E!! I've loved getting to watch him grow up this year!

love it when we add in family members - it just makes the session that much more special!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

As close to perfection as it gets

want to get these out before I leave this morning...what an amazingly beautiful and sweet baby this little girl is!! Not even quite a week old, she was a dream to work with - slept the entire time and smiled frequently. It shouldn't be a surprise, as her mom just radiates calm and kindness. LOVE these images and am so excited to see her grow this year!

I love it when we have the grandparents in the session... just makes it that much more special

it's so beautiful to see how in love this mom is with her new little just feel it fill the room

Saturday, August 14, 2010

getting it right...breaking all the rules!

My worst fear is calling someone by a name other than their own. I'm a little hesitant until I'm sure I've gotten their name settled in my head (I'm great with faces, but have always been awful with names:). but a dog? no! I LOVED this dog's name - called it out heartily while we were out - he even came to it with enthusiasm. You know where this is going, right?!? Yep - his name is DRAKE, not JAKE!!!! Well, at least I'll never be getting his name wrong again: I hope)!!! (love the baby's name too!!)

really?! seriously?!? she is due around the corner and every trick I had to keep from her looking "too big" I had to throw out! She has this amazing beautiful belly (and skin and hair and....I really could go on, I think she's stunning!) --- but I had to work at making sure she looked PREGNANT!!!

love these images, they are truly some of my favorites I've taken. Congrats, C & J!! Can't wait to meet the little one!

my's that moment you forget the camera is there...see the culprit below (as stunningly good looking as these two)

the culprit!

here's the reason for their laughter...DRAKE was hysterical!! One of the calmest puppies I've ever been around...except for a moment of madness in the field! Can you believe we got him to sit on a suitcase?!? (the outtakes of getting this are hysterical!!)

love this one

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pink Squared!

I am so excited for the parents of these beautiful twin girls to see these images!! These two are truly a miracle! So often we take for granted this miracle of growing life and giving birth - but M reminds me that this gift of life truly isn't ordinary or to be taken for granted. Mom came down from New York to have a life-saving surgery for these twin beauties in utero and never got to return home. I was lucky enough to get to photograph this amazingly calm and beautiful mom and now feel double blessed to get to photograph the girls. Many, many congratulations!!