Thursday, July 29, 2010

sweet little dough boy!!

this is one of my sweet little guys from the Bellies to Babies package - this first image is from his newborn session and he was stunning then.... now - I could barely keep my hands off of him - he is just such a sweet little guy with those rolls and "fluff" that only look good under the age of one!! But take a look at his big brother and his parents and you know he's only going to be this wonderful chunk for a little while!!

some big brother attention

love this photo of the two of them good-looking together! love this miami look!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

time flies....

I can't believe I am photographing this sweet, beautiful girl for her senior year!!! where has the time gone?! She is the baby of one of my dearest friends ever - and the 4th and last child I will be photographing for their senior portraits. I really can't believe how stunning her eyes are and what a beautiful young lady she has turned into!

Surprise treat...her oldest sister (the first to be photographed for her senior year more than a few years ago:) came along and brought her own 4 beautiful children (see below) and we had an impromptu add-on session with them - they are all as beautiful on the inside as the outside!! sweetness just runs in this family - can't wait for our beach session!!

love these big families!!

something so sweet about this moment ... she was in her own world daydreaming a little

Monday, July 26, 2010

First Birthday...hold the sugar!!

I can't go to bed without posting some images from yesterday afternoon's session - this little guy was absolutely adorable!! Such a happy guy - and on the right path for sure! He wasn't interested in the cake at all - just the balloons and the ribbon!! Loved getting to meet this super nice family!!

I've had this tie for at least a month and not been able to find the right occasion - thanks, D, for being so persistent in tying the knot for us!! It was totally worth it!

great minds think alike.... I didn't ask them to bring this tie!! We must just have been thinking along the same wavelength!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

good for the soul...

I love this family - they're good for my soul! Whenever I walk away from them, I just feel that their happiness and love for each other and life just rubs off on me a little! I can't wait to meet their new little one - the kids are so excited to have another sibling and they are going to be so sweet with him. This baby has no idea how lucky he got being placed in this family!

the polish was a great idea!! love their little manicured nails on mom's belly!

I love this image - the baby was kicking and moving as K put her head down on Mom's belly!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Love!

Usually, I meet or know my wedding clients before we meet at their engagement session, but J and A are coming down from the Boston area (I'm shooting their wedding in October). So, the first time I met them was when we were meeting for their session. The moment J stepped out of the car, I could tell there would be this fun and easy connection - she is a doll! A seems much more reserved (maybe it's the hard-working Harvard reserve - I know my own son was just up for tours and he felt right at home!!) - but actually, I think he's just a true sweethearted gentleman - and these two truly seem to be the ying and yang for each other. What a cute couple!!

this is one of my favorite shots of the day.....maybe from an artistic/tech point it isn't the most unique, but I love when you capture that moment when someone lets go and forgets there is a camera.....just makes me laugh looking at their expressions!! Yep, J, we certainly got more than one smile out of A in the afternoon!! Don't they have the best smiles??

LOVE these beach pictures!! Thanks, J & A, you were SO much fun!! I really had a great time getting to meet you and am so excited to capture the wedding day! I really feel so privileged getting to be a part of such special moments in people's lives.

Monday, July 12, 2010

love (go ducks!!!)

Why is it that no matter how long you've been gone from where you grew up and went to school, it still always feels like home??! When K called and booked me for her engagement session and we got to talking, I was so excited to find out that both her and J went to the University of Oregon - my hometown and where both of my parents graduated from!! I'm sure my kids grew tired of hearing me talk about this couple and how excited I was to get to photograph someone from HOME (never mind that I haven't lived in Oregon for over 24 years!! gulp! btw - doesn't that make me sound old?!!?) J even played football for U of O! I don't think I would have been more excited to have photographed Brad Pitt.......alright, maybe that's going a little too far!!

Congrats, J and K!! Loved getting to meet you and photograph your engagement session!

Go Ducks!!!! (love that they went to school in my hometown!!)

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I am so in love with these images!! I'm truly speechless... thank you, M, for trusting me to create images that are timeless, romantic, and show just how beautiful your family is!!

These two parents are the calmest and most relaxed parents ever - and they totally let me play!! M has saved us over the past 4 years with her math wisdom. She has been math tutor to my girls and dear friend to both of them and me. So excited to meet the little one - congratulations!! (and yes! this baby is 7 days old and unbelievable how amazing M looks so quickly!!!)

love this big brother shot!!