Monday, May 31, 2010


be prepared - these girls are gorgeous!! Loved getting to meet these girls and wish them much luck as they venture into modeling - I'm sure they will do well!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My sweet boys

So they aren't really mine, but I've had the privilege of watching these two since they were just 2 months old - the first year I photographed them every 3 months, and I can't believe they are already 2!! I always say they look like the newer version of Antonio Banderas... oh those Spanish looks and the curls!! (and their mom has become such a dear friend over these past two years - once again, lucky to have met the people I have)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sweet Wedded Bliss

It has been a super busy week and I am so grateful for all the amazing and wonderful people we have had a chance to be around! I sent a little peek to A&A the night before they took off for their honeymoon, so am really posting this for their friends and family and for when they get back. The weather was incredible - and they seemed to really have such a blast together!!

What a beautiful wedding - this couple is so sweet! Hope you all are having a great time on the honeymoon!!!

I don't know what it is about this image, but it is absolutely one of my favorites... it seems to say they are heading out to the fairy tale of happily ever after

just dreamy

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I knew her when...

This girl has sparkle to her! She's getting ready to take the acting world by surprise and I think I'm going to get to say, "I knew her when..."! K went to New World when she was in high school and then went on to become a pharmacist and now is circling back around to do some commercial work and contacted me to do her acting/modeling headshots/image portfolio - isn't she just stunning?? She was really fun to work with and as you can tell, my camera just loved her!!

Good luck, K! I can't wait to hear what your future brings!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Predicting a flood of calls to 911 in Miami Beach!!

I have been looking forward to this session for the past 3 months!!! This super cute family is one of my Bellies to Babies clients that came to me when this beauty was 3 months old. After we met for our first session, mom and I started coming up with this idea to incorporate dad's career (i don't have to tell you...the images tell it all), the red tutu, and their cute little one. I love these! The really sweet thing is, Dad is thinking his little girl is going to think this is the dorkiest thing when she is in her teenage years. I predict EVERY single one of her friends is going to be angling for an invitation to have dinner at her house!!

This was great fun, guys! Can't wait until our 1 year birthday cake and balloons session!

such a cutie pie! ...with the gene pool this one was blessed to come from, she is only going to get more beautiful!


After schedule conflicts, a raindate, and sick family we were finally able to make this session happen! What I love best about this session is that I feel like we were able to catch the soul of this family. They seem to have an easiness about them and enjoy being with each other. Loved getting to spend time with you guys - even with the heat and hords of wildlife that kept wanting to interrupt us!

Isn't he just a muffin??

I will love this image forever - it's sweet and she's adorable - BUT the back story is that we were walking to the beach and I was balancing her brother on my shoulders and we just saw this patch of flowers and quickly picked the little sister up and plunked her down in the flowers!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

All-Star Superstar!

I love this family! K started off as a client, and has ended up being someone I call a friend. Not only that, but she has referred some of my favorite clients to me. So when her oldest missed being present for the baseball team photos, I gladly offered to take his photo. What a blast I had!! I love getting to "play" with my camera and do these kinds of portraits. And besides all of that, all 3 of her children are GORGEOUS!!! You could just get lost in his eyes and that twinkle that says trouble!

just gotta love the dad and son photos! think this might say "father's day gift" on it!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

love - plain and simple and sixty years strong

Here's my warning to all of you - sort of like a spoiler alert - you should see flashing red lights that say " SAP ALERT!!! "

Most times I leave a session and I really feel grateful that I get to meet the people I meet and spend time getting to do something I really love. Meet M and G - they are from up North (Boston area) and quite possibly two of the sweetest, most amazing, and one of the most in love couples I have ever met. I feel so much richer having met them and having gotten to spend an hour and a half with them. They have been married for SIXTY years and I can't even begin to describe that they not only radiate kindness in general - they radiate LOVE! I really mean they are still in love - not the tired love you feel at the end of the day,after 2 trips to the grocery because HE forgot the milk when you first asked him to go, having picked up the dry cleaning and then having spent hours doing homework with 4 kids, kind of love - the "just met her yesterday" kind of love.

When I left my session with M and G, I called my own sweetheart up and surprised him, not with a laundry list of things to pick up on his way home, but a short coffee date in the middle of the day - just so I could tell him how much I still love him after 20+ years - that's what being around M and G can do to you. THANK YOU, M and G! You gave me a gift - the reminder to feel thankful for those we are fortunate to love and have in our lives. May we all love someone in our lives as much as you love each other.

Monday, May 10, 2010

three little bears....or beautiful girls actually!

Where do I even begin? Over the weekend I got to meet and photograph this amazing, cool, calm, funny, fun family - that just happens to be blessed with the most beautiful three little girls you have ever seen! First of all, the parents really are all those things I said (so excited to get to be a part of capturing these little ones and their parents!) and then take one look at these precious beauties with the creamiest skin and bluest eyes - BUT THEN I walked into their ultra white home with the coolest babies room! It might be true to say I was gushing this much Saturday afternoon as well!! I mean, really, this is like a photographer's idea of Disneyworld!

Here is a snippet from this little mini session to capture these beauties at 4 months - can't wait for what we have planned when they are sitting!

Hope everyone had a most wonderful Mother's Day!

I think we wore them out...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing and wonderful moms out there that I know or have had the extreme privilege of getting to know this year. I think these images are just perfect to celebrate with on Mother's Day - beautiful mom with her family. Aren't they just gorgeous?? and they braved the heat and bugs as we are definitely off to a hot Miami summer!

HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY!!!! I hope everyone is relaxing and enjoying the day......I'm off to swim and eat and just hang out with my own beautiful kiddos and husband!