Tuesday, February 23, 2010

here comes the bride...

What an amazing, incredible, beautiful, stunning couple this is - and did they have a blast on their wedding day! The wedding was set in a true gem of a hotel on South Beach, The National, which led to the vintage look their wedding had. BUT what I really loved about this was that J & M really just wanted to enjoy the night, being with their friends and family - and DANCING!! (i'm not posting any of those photos - but we must have 500 images of incredible dancing, laughing, and generally just having a great time!)

Congratulations, J & M! May your lives be a fairy tale with nothing but happiness! We loved getting to capture this most special time!

it's all in the details...

everytime I get to photographed something where the details are taken care of by Nicole of N events (www.n-events.biz), I know I am going to get amazing images. Her attention to creativity and detail is incredible! For this wedding, every table had a title card with the words I love you written out in a different language, a tribute to the international crowd that was in attendance. Flip flops were handed out to the guests for their comfort, as the ceremony was on the beach. But my favorite detail of this evening - when the bride had to have her dress shortened, Nicole snatched up the extra fabric and used it to wrap the bouquet! Pretty cool!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter Magic in Florida!

This was the sweetest, cutest, kindest family - and I think we laughed the entire time! I wish I could blog all of their images - it was so hard to choose! It was so cold - our record long Florida winter. The funny thing was, the more clothes we took off the baby, the happier he became! And, it was cold! He is just a doll-baby and I wish I could have photographed him all day (actually, his family might have been worried I was going to, as this was truly a blast!) Thanks, H Family, it was a lot of fun and I'm so excited to have you see what we captured!

this one gives me goosebumps... the baby just loved listening to his dad play this guitar - it was such an awesome idea to bring it along!

this reminds me of growing up - this is one of my favorites...

oh the lashes!!! doesn't he have one of those doll faces? so beautiful!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And I don't even know if they are 'Canes fans!!

I'm starting with our last shot from this session a couple of days ago - I totally love these naked on the beach bums!! There isn't anything cuter than a baby's bum caught from the back!! (and you see - babies DO have cellulite - I've rarely met a 6 month old that didn't have some!! This makes me feel better about my own predicament after too many holiday cookies (yes - from you know who!!))

I said KISS him - but I think they heard SQUISH him!!!

what can I say about this one, except - wow! love how his eyes are just so intense!

Best Laid Plans!

I have been totally running since photographing this little guy yesterday mid-morning! Have to get a few up - as B is yummy enough to want to eat him up!! He was amazing and our first part of the session went so smoothly and quickly. He was just up for anything and anywhere we wanted to put him. We then came back to my "studio" set-up and were going to get some first birthday shots with cake - only problem was those darn wheels all within his sight!!! He wanted to hang out with all the stuff with wheels and had no interest in that cake!! See the last shot (note to self - clear the area of any other props, balls, wheels.....!!)
Enjoy, N - he is just beyond sweet and so easy!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

first comes LOVE!

This super cute couple will be getting married in May. We are so excited that they've asked us to capture the story of their special day! We really had fun with A&A - hopping from the "woods", to the beach and ending up at one of Miami's oldest hangouts.

ok - so everyone needs a little privacy!! (I think this is so fun! Thanks, A&A for humoring us! They did a lot of kissing!!)

aren't they super cute?!!

Sweet Dreams, Baby!

On Saturday morning, when I showed up we had big plans - but the Miami weather and little J had different ideas! But that's the way it goes with newborns - it was all worth it - this little guy is so handsome and just sweet natured! And wow! was he able to stay awake for a LONG time - especially being so new! He seemed to want to know what was going on around him and hang out with Mom - finally we wore him out! He gave up and zonked out just as I was putting my camera away!

let's hope he gets dad's eyelashes! He's already got amazing hair!

i love this - these new parents are so relaxed around their new little one. It's as if they have been doing this parent thing for a while!