Monday, November 30, 2009

Into the Forest......

I had such an incredible time with this family! First of all, family sessions with cousins is always something I love to book - there is often such a sweet connection between cousins and this family was no exception. Second, everyone in this family was super easy to work with - we really just played and had a lot of fun!! But not so lastly, this is where my own family photo session (our first "formal" portrait) took place over 10 years ago! I love this park and there are always so many wonderful spots to play in.....I wish I could blog all of this session - so many images I love!!

I'm still giggling when I look at this image......a lot of men need to kind of ease into the whole family photo session and you can tell they would rather be ANYWHERE else but in front of my lens! Not J - he was so good at taking direction and being so good in front of the lens I almost felt I needed to yell "cut!" so that he could come out of form and relax!! Thanks, J and M - this was a blast! (it really does look like love!)

what little muffins!

these little muffins were such great sports -- it was practically cold enough to snow here in Miami. (maybe that's an exaggeration, but I think if you look really closely you can see bluish lips and goose bumps on the kids!!)

and here's the family together.....they were so easy breezy!!

Double Take.....

I can't believe how much my little guys have grown up!! They aren't actually mine - they belong to the really nice couple you see with them - but I feel like I've been such a part of their lives. I started photographing them when they were just itty bitty new. I haven't seen them for about 6 months now and when they got out of the car I couldn't believe my eyes - they are BOYS now!! Sweet, wonderful, laugh-out-loud-and-a lot boys. Oh! and FAST! They were so quick! So great to see them.

I want to take a moment to say how much I appreciate when these families invite me into their lives to capture such precious moments in their lives. I love getting to see the how everyone's lives are growing and the changes in the kids. I've gotten to meet some really wonderful, new families this year and I've gotten to catch up with other families and people that I've really grown to love and feel so connected with. THANK YOU to all my amazing clients:)! I really am so blessed by you all.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Baby in the Package

Oh so excited to have this new little guy in the bellies to baby program! (minus the belly!) This family called me at 7 weeks (I always say newborns should be within 10 days of birth to get that sweet, curled up newborn look) so I was actually a little nervous about how well the session would go.....judge for yourself.....this guy was an angel and I can't wait to get to capture the stages of his first year!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm thankful for..........

I am most thankful for my own, wonderful family...but as a quick second I'm really thankful for all of the families I get to know and meet...... and, well, yes! fall in love with! I really feel so blessed to meet these amazing families and get to be a part of documenting moments in their lives. I was so excited when C called to say she wanted a session on their boat - it's my favorite thing to catch families just being themselves and doing what they love - being with this family on their boat reminded me of being a kid and going camping and hanging out with my family. You can tell they really just enjoy being together -- it's a cool and relaxing vibe to be with these parents and their triplets (yes, triplets and calm parents!!)

So without further ado, I introduce you to the three B kids and their amazing parents...

there's something about this image that makes me giggle...and kind of think that must have been a little like what it was like to be sharing space in mom's tummy!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting ready for some blinding beauty!

I can always tell a session is going to go well when we get started and the child says "how about this? what if I do this?"! This beauty (and I really mean GORGEOUS!!) was full of ideas and love of being in front of the camera! She was such a dream! Now the little man you see was full of love and life and the ability to run really fast!!! Thank goodness his mom was willing to run right along, change their clothes 3 times and whip out the bubbles when we needed some entertainment! LOVED getting to meet and photograph this family!

oh boy! life is good when you have a tie, sand and your favorite car....this is how childhood should look

check out the look on his sister's face - he didn't let go of the balloons - I think the look told him he'd better not!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I love getting to meet and photograph new families - this family was super sweet and looked like they had stepped out of an add for the perfect family - SO CUTE!!! I'm sure these poor guys thought they would never actually get their session done - they have been off and on sick and traveling and we've had to reschedule (and then I was sick and traveling!) ..... but I think it was worth the wait and the kids were awesome to work with

to melt your heart....

the holidays are near!

we moved our session to the beach and the light was golden!

I loved this little girl's shoes (they remind me of Sunday school and warm afternoons at Grandma's house - just too sweet)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunday School Beauties!

when i showed up to photograph this family on Sunday morning, I was barely rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. They, on the other hand, were dressed to the nines and ready to go! What a nice family - we finished their session in record time and managed to avoid the neighbor's sprinklers!!

I love storyboards - whether you print and frame them or have me do them as a standout (ask me if you don't know what this cool way of displaying your images is) - they manage to tell a little story (yes, I know that's obvious by the name - but I love it when the images together say it all!)

and my favorite of the morning...what a little man!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

True Magic!! we went from this...........

I want to introduce the most amazing, fun, incredible family! When talking with J to plan the session for her family, I could tell this was going to be a great session. J is amazing! While planning, we talked about what would make it special and unique for her family. They brought along items that were personal to them and also brought along an energy ready to play. This session was truly magical - we started off in our Miami "forest" and ended on the beach. Lucky for them the sun actually had to set, because I could have spent forever photographing them.

(Notice how dry and clean and respectable they look in these first photos!!!)

this is one of my personal favorites....another touch thanks to J - we had the kids bring along items unique to them. this little guy loves to fish and was so proud of the new pole this...........

Ok - so I want to point out that I'm putting in this two image storyboard to completely put the blame of these soaked and hysterical kids squarely on the shoulder of these two trouble makers!!! Dad helps roll up the pant legs, the uncle starts splashing and throwing kids in (well, ok - not really throwing them in -- but it got everything started) and all of the sudden this fun, clean, wonderful and DRY family is running and splashing and we ALL ended up soaked and in hysterics --- and I had the time of my life and think the family had a blast as well!!!! I wish all of my sessions went this really makes these images full of fun and emotion