Thursday, October 29, 2009


This past weekend I got to return "home" (we moved from Rye, NY, to Miami 5 years ago) - partly to celebrate my 14-year old's birthday and partly to get to photograph some wonderful families. We ran between the city, Mountain Lakes, NJ, and Rye - THE most beautiful town in Westchester County! It was great to see friends, hang out, eat, and photograph! It really was more like play than work - as these four families are also friends. I'm so excited for them to see their images! THANK YOU everyone! It was so much fun!

Meet family #1 - one of my absolute dearest friends and an incredible mom. I can't begin to say how much fun it was to get you all in front of my camera!! How can it be the kids are this grown up?!? They are turning into such incredible grown-ups and I always just giggle when I am around these kids - I love to see who they are becoming!

Stop #2!

How exciting to see you all - everyone looked amazing and it was so fun to get to photograph your family! The girls could not have been easier to work with and BEAUTIFUL!!! (do I dare say it again - BEAUTIFUL!!!!)

Lock your doors now, D!! They'll be banging them down soon!!

wow - wow - wow!!! these girls are gorgeous! I'm thinking their Dad is going to be really nervous after seeing just how grown-up they look. This is the sweetest family - and I just couldn't believe how beautiful the girls are!

all that lovin' - just so sweet!

All Grown UP!

I photographed these boys 5 years ago - when they barely came up to my shoulders!! They were silly and giggled and jumped around all over the place - this time, my job was cut out for me to even get them to crack a smile - and they TOWERED over me!! Love this family! (and had to include this one of V without his haircut - he's going to drive the girls wild with those locks!!!

Meet Mr. Serious and the other Mr. Serious!!

Last family of the day.......

Last, but NOT least!!

I had put my camera away, but had to pull it out when I could see what fun the boys were going to have! (or the little one, anyways!!)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Palms - Special Holiday Photo Session

What an incredible Sunday we had - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to The Palms Hotel and Spa in Miami Beach!! They let us do an afternoon holiday special photo shoot there and the grounds are just breathtaking! (good thing, because it was stiff competition with these amazingly beautiful families!!) Everyone was amazing and it was a blast to get to play and shoot at The Palms! It really is quite an oasis - not a bad idea to escape for the weekend there.

Not only are the grounds so gorgeous at The Palms, they are right on the beach. It really is an escape from reality when you are here. (and yes, this couple just oozes sexy - I mean, really. I can never get over how beautiful they are together when I'm editing!!)

Oh so sweet!!! These two little ones are so cute you want to just gobble them up!! This big sis' is quite the little mother - so caring and kind.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby on the Way!

This weekend I had the pleasure of getting to photograph good friends and one of the sweetest couples ever - I'm so excited to get to spend a year photographing the changes in their family as they welcome their first child. I also can't wait to see how gorgeous the baby is going to be - as you can tell, he is coming from beautiful genes! Congratulations, Guys!

Hooray....fall in Miami!! Now if we could just get that 70 degree weather!!

Meet Miss Jackie O! (don't you love the name?!)

look who's feeling left out in the cold! Miss Jackie O was the baby of the family and she's going to have to share space soon......I predict she will soon be sleeping in front of the crib watching over her new little buddy.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Sheltered Life

Who knew I was leading such a sheltered life?!? I've gone to the train museum a LOT - but ride the train?!? I didn't even realize you could - all I was looking at was all the cool areas you could photograph! I have to thank K and her family for a wonderful experience and lifting the veil on the shell that was my life!! It was a hot one for sure - but we didn't care too much - we had the wind blowing in our face from the speed of the train rides! (they don't get much more beautiful than these three little faces!)

Friday, October 2, 2009

One of My All-Time Favorite Families........

This family has to be one of the sweetest families I have gotten to photograph. I photographed them for last year's holiday cards and then again a few months ago for their newborn session... I love getting to see families grow and change. I really consider it a privilege to get to know so many nice families and get to share in their lives. This is one of those families that just warms your heart - you can just feel how good-hearted they are - and I can't wait to get to capture them again. (you can't tell in these photos, but their eyes are this spectacular green and the baby's are blue/grey - just beautiful!)

(But really, could it have been any hotter the afternoon we were out?!?!?)

check out the braids on this sweet little lady.....they are just yummy! They really don't come much cuter than this.....and I think her brother is going to steal my heart soon!