Monday, August 31, 2009

New Life Growing......

I have been very blessed to photograph some absolutely beautiful women, but I hope this mom didn't mind how often I exclaimed on her beauty yesterday morning! I just couldn't get over how striking her beauty is - amazing skin, beautiful hair, and such a sweet personality to match. I'm only posting a few right now from our session....look for more to come. This whole family was so easy to be with and I wanted to get a few up for them to see. Thanks, guys, I can't wait to spend the year capturing the different stages of this new baby's life!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome to the Newest Little Addition!

I always love getting to capture the first days of a new life - and this was a real treat. Sweet grandparents, super nice parents and the sweetest big brother you've ever met! This was one of the calmest and well-mannered 3-year olds --and one amazing big brother. We had decided to divide our session into two parts - at home and on location. Look below for the train session - we had a blast!

All Aboard!!

What sweet boys these guys are - and I can already picture them racing down the sidewalks together on their bikes and playing soccer in the backyard. It's pretty amazing that you can already see such a connection after less than two weeks! This is one amazing big brother - and the little one isn't too shabby either!

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Girl & Her Horse

I really love what I get to do! I love getting to be around families that you can see the connection between them, and capturing moments that are special and unique. This sweet girl is off to college today and we took the few days before to capture some images of her with her parents and with her horse (who has obviously stolen her heart!! She is actually taking her up North with her to college! -- ok -- taking her horse!! wow!! now that is dedication and love and one responsible kid!!!) They are in the middle of this adventure as I write this. You are beautiful, T, and I wish you the best of luck! (and offer my heart to mom, who has to drop her off:!) These images were totally worth laying in the grass near a snake!! (lol!)

This made me giggle....when I said, "strike a pose, something that makes you comfortable", both mom and daughter stood exactly the same as if on cue!! It's obvious these two are close! I'll be thinking of you guys on this big day!