Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sweet Little New One! (... and yes, it's a SMILE!)

I just LOVE getting to photograph newborns...they make me remember the magic of the beginning of life and somehow they always seem to stir that awe and amazement in me that we carry and then care for these little lives that are so special and amazing! I was super disappointed that after getting just a few shots we were chased in by these Miami summer rains!!

I did get to start off with and photograph this little one's big brother....isn't he quite the handsome little man?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tula & Tupi - the Dynamic Duo

This is the dynamic mom/daughter team that own Tula & Tupi, the cutest children's clothing and toy boutique ever!! If you haven't been - make sure you go! It's in the Grove, on Commodore. I've had the pleasure of getting to photograph some of their events at the store (tutu making workshops, wings & wands, mother's day special photo shoot) Rachel never seems to be short of creative and fun ideas - after all, what little girl doesn't want to dress up in a tutu and swing a wand!! It makes me want to be 5 again!! These are a few of my favorites from the mother's day shoot - Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! Thanks, Rachel and Linda, for planning such a special morning!

the boys need a little representation too!!!

I say hold onto this one, Mom.......once the girls get a look at those eyes and how much fun he is having in life, they will be chasing him!! Those eyes just dance!!